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Published on 23rd November 2016


The wisest words ever told to me...."Love is acceptance." 

They took a while to sink in; my humanity still wrestles with them. But, they are no doubt perfect truth. 

People often wish their loved one would behave one way or another, demand it, pray for it, leave them for lack of it. That thing they want changed is unhealthy, mean, wrong, hurtful, etc. These things may very well be true. The saying, "Don't judge someone because you don't know their situation," is also true. 

Unfortunately, sometimes we love/accept one person more than another, or ourselves more than our loved one. This is not bad; it can be sad. The bright side is that there is an eternal source of love that plants Himself in every individual around us. There is love to gain elsewhere when we cannot accept the love we have here.

It's funny how once we accept, we have to accept again. Things, people, moments change. God punishes, then He rewards. In His Infinite Wisdom, He can punish then reward the same person for the same action. Ad nauseum till our deaths to joke us into the end....there is none. Yes, things end but only if we let them. Another wise soul told me, "Even the dinosaurs still live. We have museums and jobs revolving around them."

My saddest days were spent regretting waking up in the morning, wishing I had died. I suppose this is a merry go round many ride many times. He waited to give me the realization to get off that one and on another, so I could tell you....no not you....that life continues. Accept. Then, accept again.

God, I love you, funny, glorious, you. And my favorite...Immortal, Invisible, Wise